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About Uk of Equestria

The Home of all Bronies within the United Kingdom. We arrange meet-ups and events throughout the UK for fans of the My Little Pony series.

This DeviantArt group is to showcase the fantastic artwork made by members of our community.

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Lunar New Year 2017 by tall-guy-2552
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Pokemon Harmony Page 20 by SaryTheWolf
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Never leave me side dear sister by butterflygirlco
Drunken Dancing  by Creative-Blossom
We only had one entry last month, so the winner for Jan is :icontall-guy-2552: I'll PM you shortly for your prize.

Sorry to be late on this one,

Starting today Feb's contest theme is


Ideas to help you:
Two ponies out on a date, cinema setting, romantic walk, boat ride, snuggles at home, pony in a heart box of chocolates, Cupid pony, dinner date.

Closing Date to Enter - Saturday Feb 25TH


Voting will go on for a week once the entries are closed.


- Only forum members and DA Group Members will be able to submit art.
- Please submit any entries to the 'Contest Submissions' folder in our deviantART Group gallery. Artwork submitted anywhere else, including this thread, will not count, so this is very important!
- All entries must be themed to MLP, so please no pokemon, anime, furry or other art without anything from the MLP universe. You can draw MLP characters as other creatures, but please make sure its obvious its MLP based.
- One entry a month per person.


This time there will be a prize for the winner. The winning entry gets to be in the featured gallery on the DA group page and will also get a headshot drawing of OC or character of their choice - This is to be drawn by me.

Start drawiiiiiiiiiiing........ NOW!

Good luck everypony!

More Journal Entries










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Oops!! Sorry! I put a couple of things in the wrong folder, haha! My bad. (Didn't know you could pick the folder!)
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Hi everyone. I'm trying to get enough points so I can get myself a premium account, so if you all could donate some points, that would be much appreciated. :)

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Thanks for letting me join! You'll see art from me in due course. :D
TheAndyMac Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
Ah, a British brony group! Looks interesting.

Any rules regarding joining requests?
Java--Jive Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
We are actually part of the UK of Equestria forums, please feel free to join the group and have a look around! If you would like a chat with your fellow UK bronies, our doors are also open for you over at!
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