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About Uk of Equestria

The Home of all Bronies within the United Kingdom. We arrange meet-ups and events throughout the UK for fans of the My Little Pony series.

This DeviantArt group is to showcase the fantastic artwork made by members of our community.

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Sorry for the lack of activity this year everypony. Just been very busy and not so pony focused in my social life so UKofE has been a bit left out for me.

So because I feel bad, let's have a proper big contest! This one will be open for a whole month!

Anything visual goes, be is 3D art, custom ponies, drawings, animated gifs etc. Just no Stories or fimfics. Comics are fine.

I want to see you guys draw ponies in Winter themes!

If there are lots of entries for one of the non drawing options, then there will be a sub category (eg, best comic, best 3D art etc).

I will update with the prizes soon - I want to offer my own artwork AND a piece of pony merch that I have to give away! (so I will be asking for addresses after the contest to send your prizes, don't enter if you are not comfortable with this)

The deadline for submitting entries will be December 1st (2017)

- Only forum members and DA Group Members will be able to submit art.
- Please submit any entries to the 'Contest Submissions' folder in our deviantART Group gallery. Artwork submitted anywhere else, including this thread, will not count, so this is very important!
- All entries must be themed to MLP, so please no pokemon, anime, furry or other art without anything from the MLP universe. You can draw MLP characters as other creatures, but please make sure its obvious its MLP based.
- One entry per person.
- Keep it SFW (safe for work).
- Anthro is allowed, but no nudity please! Same goes for Human art.

Expect this post to be updated later. Any questions, just ask =3

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